TAYARAYA is Malaysia #1 and largest commercial independent tyre outlet chain supported by Kian Heng Marketing Enterprise Sdn Bhd to provide professional tyre supplies & services to commercial vehicle operators in Malaysia.
Each outlet chain is independently owned and operated by its respective owner, but all are presented under the store brand, TAYARAYA
TAYARAYA name derived from the word ''Tayar'' which means ''Tyre'' in Malay, follow by the word “Raya” in Malay means “Huge”. It reflecting a global appeal and catering to a diverse customer base and multi range of tyre products.
TAYARAYA distribution subscribes to the philosophy of empowering customers with freedom of choice by offering a wide range of Tyre Brands, selection of multi-tiers Tyre Quality & Pricing to suit different segment of customers and Nationwide Coverage in term of logistics and services by professional sales teams
TAYARAYA concept would offer several key values to its customers, distinguishing itself from competitors and creating a unique proposition in the market. Here are some potential values that the concept could emphasize:
1.   Quality and Reliability: TAYARAYA would prioritize offering high-quality tyre and automotives products from reputable brands. By focusing on quality and reliability.
2.   Expertise and Guidance: The concept would provide TAYARAYA outlets with the expertise and guidance by tyre brand experts in term of training, professional advice and assistance.
3.   Convenience and Efficiency: TAYARAYA would aim to provide a convenient and efficient streamlined ordering processes through online platform.
4.   Competitive Pricing: The concept would strive to offer competitive pricing on tires and automotive products. By securing favourable partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers, TAYARAYA would making its products accessible and affordable all the time.
5.   Customer Relations: TAYARAYA would nurturing positive relationships with customers by going the extra mile to exceed expectations. This could involve personalized customer service, prompt and reliable after-sales support, and personalized annual inventive trips
6.   Environmental Responsibility: The concept would promote environmental responsibility by offering eco-friendly tire options by encouraging customers to participate in tire recycling programs such as Buy Back Casing program. These values would help differentiateTAYARAYA from competitors.
The vision for TAYARAYA concept would encompass the overarching aspirations and long-term goals that the brand aims to achieve.
Here is a potential vision statement for TAYARAYA:
1.   Premier Destination: TAYARAYA envisions itself as market leader by setting new standards for customer satisfaction, product quality, and service.
2.   Expansion: TAYARAYA would involve expanding its chain to multiple locations, both within a country and internationally
3.   Continuous Improvement: The vision for TAYARAYA includes a commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of the business. The brand seeks to consistently raise the bar, staying ahead of industry trends, embracing new technologies, and optimizing internal processes to provide an ever-improving customer experience.

Overall, the TAYARAYA concept aim to evoke a sense of empowerment, freedom, and excitement associated with driving and exploration. It would position the brand as a trusted provider of high-quality tires and related products, while also fostering a community of passionate in these specialized industry.

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